NEXT ORDER - LIVE-REFINED (CD by Order Tone Music)
Behind this colorness bandname hides an interesting Japanese band, formed in 2002. With 'Live-Refined' they deliver their fourth release. The band has two guitarists, Yuji Muto and Takumi Seino. Completed by Atsutomo Shigaki on bass and Hiroshi Gori, Matsuda on drums. Takumi Seino you may know from earlier reviews in Vital Weekly: his duo album with Antoine Berthiaume; the album 'Trees' of his Blue Willow Tree and more. Yuji Muto, graduate of the GIT Musicians Institute, is the leader of this jazzfusion band. Both have an easily identifiable style and sound. Seino is a jazzguitarist with a style common to Scofield, Holdsworth a.o. Muto has a more tough electric rock-oriented sound. All four members contribute with compositions for this live recording. Most, four to be exact, come from Takumi Seino.
In the opening track 'Death Mental' the music immediately and misleadingly reaches its boiling temperature. As the title clearly suggests, this piece is inspired on death metal. Hoping for more of this up tempo and tightly played piece, I became however disappointed. For the rest of the album Next Order remain in jazzy atmospheres. We have to wait for the closing track "Angry Stone" to enter rock territories again, with real Frippian energy near the end of the piece. But after repeated listening the other tracks started to reveal their beauty. Energy is channelled here in a different way. 'Oro Campo' for example is a very satisfying piece, evoking old Canterbury days with guitarist Phil Miller. It is pleasure to listen to the subtle playing by Seino. 'Simm 55' is a fantastic composition by Matsuda, a highlight on the album. They in trade in different styles, but the necessary unifying force comes from their musical approach and teamwork. It is a good thing they choose to record their compositions live (Jazz Inn Lovely & Gaia). When this kind of music comes from the studio often all life and spontaneity is mixed out of the recordings.

イメージ豊かななバンド名の面白い日本のバンドが2002年に作られました。このLive-Refinedは彼らの4枚目のリリースです。武藤祐 志と清野拓巳、二人のギタリストとベーシスト石垣篤友、ドラムス松田GORI広士がメンバーです。 清野拓巳についてはこのレビューサイトVITAL WEEKLYの過去のレビューでAntoine BerthiaumeとのDUO、Treesなどでふれました。GITの卒業生である武藤祐志がこのジャズフュージョンバンドのリーダーです。 ジョンスコフィールドやアランホールズワースに通じるジャズギタリスト的な清野のスタイルに対し、より攻撃的でエレクトリックなロックサウンドの武藤と、 二人のスタイルは聴き分けやすい違いがあります。 メンバー全員がこのライブレコーディングに曲を提供していますが、4曲と清野の曲が最多です。.
1曲目のDEATH MENTALでははじめから全編ピークまっしぐらです。タイトルが示す様にこの曲ではデスメタルのカラーが出されています。この種のアップテンポでタイト な曲を次曲以降望むとその予想は裏切られ、よりジャズ的な曲が展開していきます。最後の曲であるANGRY STONEでまたキングクリムゾン的なハイエナジーなスタイルが聴けます。
しかし何度も聞き込むとジャズ的な曲がその美しさを表します。 DEATH MENTALと別方向にしかし同じエナジーがあふれています。